Who I am:

Residence : North Central Oklahoma
Me - age : 47

Check Out My Resume'


My Lovely Wife,  Becky 
- age  (I'd die if I told.)
(I can't count that high, either) 

 1 daughter, Katy

and 1 Son, Michael

1 Stepdaughter, Tricia


1 Stepson, Bryce

Pets : 3 Dogs:


Captain Jack Sparrow (note the Eyes)

A Stray Puppy, who wandered by, and won't leave - Benji.

and Morgan

- although she's really a rat with white? curly fur, I humor her and let her think she's a dog :)


Sadly, Patches passed away, in her sleep, December 14, 2001.
She was almost 16 years of age.
She will be sorely missed.
Rest well, Beloved Friend.





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