Things we've found out about this new baby...
The First sonogramshowed a fetal heartbeat, and indicated 5 1/2 weeks of age
putting the expected delivery date at the end of February, 1996
On October 26, we learned from the amniocentesis that our child will be a BOY!
and he will be due February 14th, 1996!
I wanted to name him - Ebenezer Archibald
His mother wants to name him - Michael Daniel
We could always use - Jack Daniel(s)

February 7th, 1996 - 10:29 P.M. --- Contractions 10 minutes apart
February 8th, 1996 - 08:45 A.M. --- Contractions are still occurring, but not as frequent.
February 9th, 1996 - 06:45 A.M. --- Contractions have stopped. It Must have been a test run.
February 13th, 1996 - 00:04 A.M. --- The Plug dropped. Contractions beginning.
I will post when we leave for the hospital.
It's 02:25. The contractions are approximately 6 minutes apart. It looks like we're GO for delivery.

He's Here!
Time 11:54 A.M.
Weight 8lbs 8 ozs.
Length 20.5 inches

His first picture

His scecond picture His First Pictures


Doing what he does best Doing What he does best

After a GOOD BurpAfter a GOOD Burp

Big Sister Katy, gets to help.Big Sister Katy gets to help

Hey! Did anybody get that Number of that Boat?   :-) Hey! Did anybody get that Number of that Boat? :-)

Ready To Rumble! Ready to Rumble!

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