What I do for a living:

I was laid off, after 30 years, from a bank that I'm not allowed to mention, anymore.
At 58, i don't see too many companies, beating a path to my door.
Living out in the boonies, away from prospective employers, doesn't help at all.

 I used to Provide SharePoint development, and develop automation solutions for MS Office/SharePoint processes, Configure and support PC Terminal Emulation software and Support IBM LanServer, Novell, and NT networks, and develop and support IVR/VRU Scripts, Support IVR's/VRU's for a Financial Institution that used to have a WEB page, that got bought by another bank that had a WEB page, until it got bought by another Bank that has a pretty cool WEB page, who then merged with another bank and then changed their name. 

Trouble shoot. (I find trouble, then I shoot it).

Small Business/Home Computing Consulting.

F1 PC Help - When that problem just won't solve itself....